At the heart of every community is a football club, and we feel Wembley and the surrounding areas should be no different.

With entertaining football, a great bar to socialise in, wonderful food, and of course a warm welcoming awaiting you on your arrival at Vale Farm, we feel Wembley Football Club is the perfect place for you to enjoy your Saturday afternoon.

Ticket Prices for the 2016/2017 can be found here , and we feel these affordable prices cater for everyone`s needs, to ensure the community of Wembley come together and cheer on their team, win, lose, or draw.

If your local business would like to sponsor the communities local football club, please click here for more details.

However, your business, no matter how big or small, can still continue to support local football in Wembley, by putting up posters around your premises, promoting Wembley FC.

For any more information, please contact